How To Correctly Measure Your Filter

With such a huge range of cartridge filters available online, finding a replacement for your particular application can be a bit daunting. Here we explain how to correctly measure your existing cartridge filter, which helps to narrow down your search.


How To Correctly Measure Your Filter



Tip: The best way to ensure you are purchasing the right filter cartridge for your application is to match up the new cartridges dimensions with your existing cartridge you are looking at replacing.
These dimensions are listed in the description of each and every one of our filters.






Diameter A: Measure directly from one side to the other.


Length B: Measure through the inside hole from one side to the other, this will ensure any small lips around the hole are included in the measurement, which may change the length.


Hole C: Measure the filter hole from one side to the other.









Tip: Instead of using expensive Cartridge Cleaner chemicals from your local pool shop, soak your cartridge in a tub of clean water and a scoop of Napi-San (that clothes, stain remover stuff in the pink tub that you use in the laundry) overnight, then rinse thoroughly with a hose the next day. This will break up all of the dirt and natural body fats that have solidified in the pleats of your cartridge and make for a much easier and thorough clean.




Even though they can be much smaller, spa cartridges run off the same pool cartridge filter measuring principle as above. The only thing you'll have to look out for to ensure you're purchasing the right one (if it applies to your cartridge) is the thread; they either come in fine or course. Some spa cartridges do not have threads.




These threads are specified in the description of each and every one of our spa cartridge filters, if they apply to that filter.



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