Mr Pool Man Goes Green

One small step for Mr Pool Man, one large step for the environment.

Being one of Australia's largest online retailer of pool products, Mr Pool Man forms quite an environmental footprint with how we choose to use our resources. From the satchels used to package the products themselves to the records department in the office, Mr Pool Man is going green!

A recent survey found that 88% of Australian's believe taking care of the earth is very important - but only 52% believed that the government should be taking action to protect it. So therefore we're taking matters into our own hands, which leaves us with one of our favourite quotes:

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Whether you're an eco-conscious consumer or just like doing your part where you can, supporting us is promoting environmentally sustainable practices while getting that "doing good" feeling at the same time! Score!

So, lets break it down...

How are we making the change?


• Low maintenance plants - We like to keep Mr Pool Man headquarters as vibrant as possible, this includes using indoor plants. We select shrubs that are the lowest water consumers and use fake plants where possible.

• Cleaning practices - From cleaning the dishes in the staff kitchen to the bathrooms or the service vans, Mr Pool Man implements certain policies to ensure as little water as possible is used.

• Harvested rainwater - 90% of our water used in the warehouse is harvested from the gods above, being filtered before it comes out of the taps.

• Tank water - When the water that we're using doesn't need to be so clean, such as for cleaning service vans or pool cartridges, tank water is usually used.

• Casual clothes policy - Believe it or not it can take up to 4L of water to dry clean one garment, less suits equals less dry cleaning therefore equals less water.

• Motion sensored taps - Most of the taps in our bathrooms and kitchen are motion sensored, so nobody can be victimised for leaving the tap running. (One drop wasted per second wastes 10,000 litres per year). 


• Lightbulbs - All of our fittings are energy efficient LED globes.

• Appliances - We only use appliances with a minimum energy performance star standard of 4, 3 or less doesn’t make the cut.

• You can't run and you can't hide - Most of our room lights are now motion sensored. So no more blame game of who left the light on, and of course, less electricity.

• Let there be light - Those big warehouse lights can get hot, for us and the ozone layer, so we utilise natural sunlight in the warehouse and office as much as possible. This includes ensuring our big roller doors are always up, and our big office windows are always open.

• Turning appliances off - Turning mostly computers off when not in use or at night, saves up to 50% on our electricity consumption.

• Energy saving methods - By utilising energy saving methods such as sleep mode on computers, we save up to 25% of electricity while the computers are not in use through work hours.

• Keeping it cool - In Australia, it gets hot. Our warehouse is fitted with fans and whirly birds to keep it cool instead of solely energy powered air conditioning. 


• Paperless - 99% of our programs and processes used to run Mr Pool Man are now completely run through online platforms. This means more saving files in computer folders rather than filing cabinets and less printing.

• Emailing - Running 99% of our programs and processes completely online means more emails, therefore less printing.

• Ipads instead of notebooks - As much as we love the good old paper diary, electronic devises have now taken their place - (and you can track them if you lose them, win!). All of our staff members have their own iPad or laptop used to store all of their work documents and notes in one place, therefore, less paper-ball fights.

• Customer documents - Receipts and tax invoices are an important document for any customer, but by not including these means we're one step closer. These are no longer included with the articles themselves. Instead, they are emailed directly to the customer as soon as the item has been dispatched from our warehouse. This alone saves over 60,000 pieces of paper per year!

•  Quotes and invoicing - Whether it be for a customer on the other side of the world in regards to one of our great pool products or a local customer who is using our great pool servicing services, our quotes and invoices are now also completely paperless. Using the customers basic details we are again able to provide this service completely via email, followed by another paperless, online payment followed by another paperless online receipt. Not one tree touched.

• Rainforest Alliance Certified™ - On the rare occasion that we need to go old school and sketch something out (or in all honesty use the bathroom), any paper we do use is completely RAC™'d. This means that it has been sourched from a farm or forest operation that meets comprehensive standards that protect the environment.

• 100% Cardboard Boxes Recycle Policy - With ordering and sending a lot of products, comes a lot of cardboard box packaging, 150kg per week to be exact. Any boxes from our suppliers that are not used or recycled by us in the warehouse are 100% recycled elsewhere.

Did you know...

It takes 12 trees to make one ton of 100 percent non-recycled paper. It would take a little more than half atree to make a carton (10 reams) of 100 percent, non-recycled 20-lb. copier paper. One tree makes 16.67reams of copy paper, or 8,333.3 sheets. One ream (500 sheets) uses 6 percent of a tree..

In other words...

With Mr Pool Mans 60,000+ orders in our past paperless year, we have saved 7.21 trees JUST by not including paper invoices and receipts with the dispatched articles alone.

Add in the office side of things, and our 100% recycled boxes policy, we would say that’s quite a lot of trees for one business alone to be saving. Yay!


• Direct Routes - Utilising new technology, Mr Pool Man service technicians are able to economically map their service routes for the day using their GPS. More direct routes equals less fuel therefore less greenhouse gasses.

• E10 fuel - Our Mr Pool Man service vans re-fill with ethanol blended fuel. E10 is produced by fermenting sugar, grain and yeasts and is a renewable resource unlike the fossil fuel-based petrol, being derived from oil. On a simple litre-per-litre basis, ethanol produces 1.5kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) compared to 2.2kg produced by petrol.

• Regularly serviced vehicles - To ensure our service vans are operating as they should be, they are serviced regularly to ensure no engine troubles or leaks are wasting fuel.

- We encourage our team members to cycle or walk to work wherever possible to reduce their carbon footprint.


• We switched our satchels to bio-degradable plastic - Being Australia's largest supplier of pool products comes with a lot of orders being sent. We use recycled cardboard boxes wherever possible, though when plastic satchels are used feel good knowing they won't be in our oceans for the next 100 years.

• As well as our drink bottles - All of our supplied water bottles to staff are 100% recyclable plastic made from bio-degradable materials.


• No Spills - All of Mr Pool Mans pool chemicals always have and will be stored correctly and to guidelines to ensure no nasties ever hit the environment.

• Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals - Mr Pool Man uses eco friendly, bio-degradable products whenever possible. This is everything from hand wash and bathroom cleaning chemicals to the soap used to wash our Mr Pool Man service vans.


• Keeping it clean - We ensure garbage, recycling and green bins are available throughout the warehouse and office.

• Educating our team - We set up a workplace recycling system for paper, plastics, aluminium, glass, dangerous chemical packaging and even electronic equipment. By disposing of all of these correctly we ensure that they will be recycled or destroyed correctly without harming the environment.

• Encouraging systems - By encouraging employees to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we reduce our foot print immensely.


We can be sure that producing more pollution is never going to seem like a good idea in the future again. Green industry methods are on the rise because they’re increasingly demanded by consumers like yourself, sought after by green thumbs like ourselves, and if you want to get down to the nitty gritty, required by governments. Sustainable business practices acknowledge that any growth made now and in the future will be the right ones.


Energy Star identifies and promotes energy–efficient products in order to reduce energy consumption, improve energy security, and reduce pollution through ensuring that they meet the highest energy efficiency standards. Mr Pool Man is proud to only use Energy Star appliances and products that are 4 stars and above.


Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal ensures that a product comes from a farm or forest operation that meets comprehensive standards that protect the environment. Mr Pool Man is proud to ensure that any paper, tissue products or furniture used is RAC™.


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Post author:

Natalie Hintze

Head of eCommerce & Marketing at Mr Pool Man,
Co-Founder at Water TechniX


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