Product Add-On Spotlight: Madimack Inverter Plus - Pool Pump ECO Converter

One of the things that a lot of pool owners fail to consider when getting an eco pool heat pump is the extended pump run times involved. Since pool heat pumps take some time to warm up the pool and excel at maintaining pool temperatures, the savings in electricity consumption provided by pool heat pumps are usually offset by the electricity consumed by standard pool pumps.

Is there a way around this?

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Well yes, the first option would be to get an energy efficient variable speed pump like the Water TechniX Pump Dual ECO Variable speed pump or any of the other variable speed pumps available on Mr Pool Man’s online pool store.

By reducing the pump speed and electricity consumption of your pool pump, you’ll be able to run your pool pump for extended times without the extended electricity bills!

But if getting a new pump is not in the picture, whether you’ve just gotten a standard pool pump or if you just don’t like the idea of redoing the plumbing of your pool equipment, then there’s an add-on available whenever you purchase a heat pump by Madimack, and that’s the Madimack Inverter Plus - Pool Pump Eco Converter

Convert your single speed pump to a variable speed pump

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The Madimack Inverter Plus - Pool Pump ECO converts your standard pool pump to a variable speed pump in seconds! That’s right, seconds. Not minutes, not hours, but seconds. You don’t need an electrician or any specialized knowledge to transform your power-hungry single speed pump into a variable speed pump that can run for a fraction of the power needed. Simply plug your single speed pump into the ECO converter, then plug the converter into the power source, and you’re good to go!

How much can you save with an ECO Converter?

Depending on where you live and on the size of your pool pump, running it can cost anywhere between $0.30 to $0.40 an hour. With an ECO Converter from Madimack, you can turn down the power requirement and the speed of the pool pump down to as low as 10% or 20%. That translates to energy usage of $0.03 or $0.04 per hour, which is less than most lightbulbs in your house!

Don’t believe us? The Madimack Inverter Plus - Pool Pump ECO Converter also has a real time display of the energy being consumed so you’ll see how much energy is actually being consumed by your pump!

Don’t let the high-ish cost of the ECO converter turn you off. You WILL be using your pool pump for longer when you have a heat pump because that’s how they function. Heat pumps will require the pump to be constantly running for them to function properly!

Save on Salt Water Chlorination

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Another bonus to having an ECO converter, even if you don’t use your heat pump, is when you have a salt water chlorinator or if you’re shocking your pool and you need extended pump run times. Having the pump run at 10% to 20% power consumption is a huge thing if you think about it on larger time frame. Remember, pool ownership is a marathon and not a sprint! Don’t think about the short-term savings as you’ll end up spending more in the long term!

We’ve done the math on this, and if you have an ECO converter, it will pay for itself in around a year when it comes to savings! After a year, you’ll start to feel the savings kick in with the reduced electricity bills and the reduced maintenance needed since you’ll be able to keep your pool water circulating for much longer without the added burden of high electricity bills!

ECO Converters - The Bad News

Sadly, not everything is rainbows and sunshine. The bad news when it comes to the Madimack ECO Converters is that they’re currently limited to purchase as a bundle when getting a brand new Madimack heat pump! This means that unless you get special permission from the manufacturer, you can only get an ECO Converter at the time you purchase a heat pump. You only get one chance to get an ECO converter so make the most of it!

If you already have a pool heat pump and missed out on the opportunity to get an ECO converter then the next option would be to upgrade your existing single speed pump to an energy efficient variable speed pump.

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Happy swimming :)

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