Product Spotlight: Crystal Aquatics Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator

All Hail the King! The latest and greatest in salt water chlorination technology is finally here with the Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator. With its intuitive design, the Vapure embodies everything that Mr Pool Man stands for, less time fiddling with tools, and more time in your pool.

All-in-one pool command center

The Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator has a power inlet designed to supply power to your pool pump. This eliminates the need for a separate timer system, a separate power system, and complicated wiring systems. This also eliminates the need to maintain different settings in different devices. Control everything in one panel!

Built-in pump controls

Since your pump is powered through your Vapure power box, many pump-specific tasks can be done through your chlorinator control box. This means that you’ll never forget to reset your timers whenever you do something out of the ordinary. What does this mean? Read on to find out!

Super Chlorinate Function / Chlor Boost

Typically if you use the super chlorinate function on your salt water chlorinator, you’ll have to reset the timer on your pool pump (or manually turn it on and off) to accommodate for the change in schedule when super chlorinating your pool. But since your pump is powered through your chlorinator, no need to fiddle with your pump’s controls or timer! The striker will be the one to turn your pump on and off according to the super chlorinate function! And after the super chlorination? Everything reverts back to schedule automatically!

Pump Protection Settings

Again, since your pump is plugged into the chlorinator, it can take advantage of your Vapure's water flow detector! What does this mean? If there’s no water flow then the Striker can automatically cut power to your pump to prevent overheating and dry running!

Built-in Backwash Controls

We can’t stop talking about how great the pump integration setting is on the Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator! With other chlorinators, depending on how you’ve wired it, you’ll have to turn off your chlorinator when backwashing your sand filter. With the Vapure, you can control your pump during backwash cycles, this means no more fiddling around with switches when backwashing! On top of that, the striker will give you visual cues within the backwash cycle to ensure that you don’t miss any step in the cycle!

Dual Timer System

Not one, but two timer systems! This allows you to split your chlorinator run times to schedule them at optimal times. With a standard salt water chlorinator, you can set a continuous 8-hour chlorinator schedule per day, this means that you’re going to get a boost of chlorine for a quarter of a day. With a dual timer system, you can split your chlorination schedule to do a 4-hour block in the morning and a 4-hour block in the evening to give you a more complete coverage.

Compatible with Variable Speed or ECO Pumps

Many of the older salt water chlorinators or those that rely on external water flow sensors will sometimes not work with variable speed or ECO Pumps due to the minimum required water flow, but not with the new Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator! This chlorinator has been designed with sustainability in mind so it will function flawlessly even with low-flow ECO and variable speed pool pumps!

Dedicated Salt or Mineral Pool Modes

Building a new pool and you still can’t decide whether to go for a saltwater pool or a mineral pool? Or are you looking for a replacement chlorinator and you’re thinking about switching to a mineral pool down the line? Well, the Vapure can seamlessly switch between the two modes with a few taps on its easy to use touch pad! No need to get specialized hydroxinators and the like.

Built-in Salt Regulator

The Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator has a built-in salt regulator that allows it to function at optimal levels even if it goes above the recommended salt levels of 3,000 - 3,500 PPM. In short, where other chlorinators start to heat up when going over their recommended salt levels, the Striker will continue to chug along normally as long as it stays below that maximum level, which is 5,000 PPM.

Built-in TDS Meter

Get accurate salt PPM readings with a push of a button! There’s nothing much to say really, just press a button and get a salt level reading! No more driving to your local pool shop to get your salt levels tested or stocking a healthy supply of salt test strips! The only time you’ll need to have your salt levels professionally tested is when your salt levels abnormally drop to below 1,000 PPM or go above 8,000 PPM where the built-in TDS meter will have trouble getting a proper reading.

Dedicated Winter Mode

In other Salt Water Chlorinators, when it’s time to slow down for the winter, you’ll have to turn it down, set a new schedule and set everything to coincide with the reduced usage and lower temperature. With the Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator, all it takes is a press of a button to set your chlorinator’s settings for winter, and another press to bring it back to normal operation once the swimming season is here again!

Spa Mode

Is your spa plumbed into the same line as your filter, pump and heater? Well, there’s no need to get a separate salt water chlorinator for your spa with the Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator! Simply set the flow valves to route the water properly then tap on spa mode on your power box and that’s it! The Striker will automatically adjust the chlorine output to account for the lower water volume in your spa. Talk about convenience and savings right?

Modern Design

And last, but not least, the Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator has a modern design that doesn’t scream “Look at me, I’m a gray box that’s out of place with everything!” The slim and black power box design looks in amazing on the wall, especially if you have some sort of protective and decorative covering on the rest of your pool equipment.

Strong Recommendation

We cannot recommend the Vapure enough due to the number of features that are truly unique to this salt water chlorinator. Features like Winter Mode, Spa Mode, and Dual timers make salt water chlorination a breeze while making coverage for your pool and spa as complete as possible. It even has a built-in TDS meter that will allow you to test your water, saving you from the extra expense of getting salt water testing strips.

The Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator is definitely the best chlorinator you can get for your pool!

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