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Saltwater Chlorination and Variable Speed Pumps
A lot of pool old-timers (no offense intended!) will argue against the usage of salt water chlorinators simply beca...
Read more 28 Apr | by Timothy Te
Salt Water Chlorinators and Winter
A lot of pool owners usually don’t know this, or maybe they just gloss over this piece of information on their owne...
Read more 22 Feb | by Timothy Te
Pool Equipment Troubleshooting: Salt Water Chlorinators and Cells
Salt Water Chlorinators and Salt Water Cells are very durable and they don’t really require much maintenance and mo...
Read more 05 Feb | by Timothy Te
Chlorination without using Cyanuric Acid
If you’re reading this right now, then you’re probably having problems with high levels of cyanuric acid re...
Read more 02 Feb | by Timothy Te

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