The New Mr Pool Man


Welcome to the Mr Pool Man family!

We’re a close knit bunch and we believe in building strong and meaningful partnerships that are mutually beneficial and long lasting. We believe that working closely with our customers will ensure a positive outcome - as your challenges and successes are also ours.

The Mr Pool Man brand

We put our heart and soul into building a brand that is known for providing simple, flexible and transparent Pool solutions.

Our brand has been carefully developed to reflect our values, instil trust in customers and bring pride to our customers. When customers see the Mr Pool Man logo, they know they’ve come to the right place.

Our product and marketing teams have worked tirelessly to develop the new Mr Pool Man brand and website for our customers that is simple, recognisable, easy to use and trust worthy. We hope you Enjoy!

If we have some feedback for us, negative or positive, please feel free to let us know by contacting us!

We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Post author:

Tom Hintze

Head of eCommerce & Operations at Mr Pool Man,
Co-Founder at Water TechniX


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