The Ultimate Self-Cleaning Pool

Written By Timothy Te

21st July 2021

With all of the advances in swimming pool cleaning technologies, none is more impressive than the invention of the in-floor cleaning system. No more worrying about hoses to untangle, worrying about vacuum plates, robotic pool cleaners (no matter how easy it is to use them), save on chemical usage, and probably the most impressive advantage, the savings on time.

Cut down time spent on cleaning the pool to virtually zero! When we say self-cleaning pool, we mean self cleaning pool! What are we talking about? Why the Paramount PCC2000 of course!

The beauty of the PCC2000 self-cleaning pool system

Unlike self cleaning pool “upgrades” that are added after the fact, the PCC2000 self-cleaning and circulation system takes into consideration all of the aspects of your pool From the steps, the walls, the angles, slopes, and every nook and cranny to ensure that water is circulated everywhere!

Some self-cleaning pool upgrades just randomly push dirt and debris around until they get pushed into dirt collectors. The PCC2000 self-cleaning pool system is designed to systemically sweep any dirt and debris towards debris collection zones where they’re delivered to the drain for removal from the pool.

In fact, the PCC2000 self-cleaning pool system is the only one with a guarantee that will clean 99% of your entire pool, virually hands-free!

What separates the PCC2000 from the rest of the pack

The PCC2000 self-cleaning and circulation system uses a combination of fixed non-rotating cleaning nozzles on the pool floor and downjets on the walls to create one continuous cleaning and circulation current in your pool. This current (much like what’s found in nature) travels the length and breadth of your entire pool, grabbing every bit of dirt and debris on the way before finally depositing them in the debris collection zones.

Not only does this make dirt and debris collection efficient, but since your pool water is being moved through the entirety of the pool, the chemical coverage will be at its maximum as well. While other systems will require separate pump times just to keep the chemical levels well circulated, the PCC2000 takes care of that while it is doing its cleaning cycle.

Ultra-Large Debris Canisters

Aside from having probably the best debris collection and water circulation system of any self-cleaning pool setup, the PCC2000 also has optional debris canisters that collect all of the gathered debris before it reaches the pump baskets. This keeps the pump running as efficiently as possible and for as long as possible before any cleaning is required. The optional debris canisters are also the largest ones available on the market! You know what they say, “go big or go home” and nothing comes in a bigger size!

Let's face it, it's not truly hands-free if you keep on emptying waste canisters right? With the optional ultra-large debris canisters, you can go for months without worrying about clogs and other slowdowns in your system!

In-floor circulation system vs traditional circulation systems

Having a PCC2000 cleaning and circulation system in your pool not only makes your pool much cleaner and hands-free, but it has a host of other advantages as well!

  • Uniform heating when used with a pool heater - because the PCC2000 system thoroughly circulates the water from the bottom and around the pool, you’ll never have the problem of having cold spots in your pool again! This makes the water as comfortable as possible and this raises the efficiency of your pool heater to the next level!
  • Reduces chemical evaporation - Unlike traditional pump systems that mostly circulate water near the pool surface causing chemical loss from evaporation, the PCC2000 system keeps the water moving at all levels, making the fullest use of your pool chemicals and lowering loss from evaporation.
  • No missed spots where algae can lurk - Since the in-floor circulation system of the PCC2000 covers 99% of your pool, there are no dead spots or missed spots where algae can take root and ruin a perfectly maintained pool!

Paramount PCC2000 Limited Lifetime Guarantee

The PCC2000 system by Paramount is so confident in their system that they are the only ones that offer lifetime warranties on all of their cleaning nozzles. Once it’s in, it stays in! Just like here at Mr Pool Man, we’re strong believers in standing behind products and nothing says confidence in the product than a lifetime warranty!

The Bad News

Not everything is all perfect with the PCC2000 cleaning system and the reason we say this is that it is currently not available on the open market. The reason for this is that Paramount (the manufacturer) wants to ensure that every single system is installed properly for them to be able to live up to their guarantees, so sorry folks, no DIY here.

The Good News

The good news is that Mr Pool Man has a direct line with Paramount and to accredited installers all over Australia so you don’t have to go shopping around for pool builders! We can even hook you up with discounts to other pool equipment to go with your new Paramount PCC2000 system so that you’ll have the perfect sel-cleaning pool right from the get go! Just drop us a line and we’ll take care of the rest!

Any other questions? Pricings? Deeper specifications? Brochures? Send us a message through the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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Written By

Timothy Te

Pool Guru at Mr Pool Man

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