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Written By Timothy Te

08th January 2021

If you’ve ever purchased anything from Mr Pool Man’s online pool supply store then you might have noticed the subscription option on the product page. Today we’re going to talk about how that subscription works and how it can help save you both time and money.

How does a pool chemical subscription work?

While most pool chemical subscriptions work by giving you pool chemical bundles (usually bundled with chemicals that don’t sell too well) at the specified time intervals (usually monthly), Mr Pool Man’s pool chemical subscriptions work differently. What do we mean by that? Simple. With Mr Pool Man’s subscription plans, you get to choose which pool chemicals you actually need to be delivered and at the time interval that you specify.

Benefits of a pool chemical subscription

First off, by getting a pool chemical subscription, you’re getting 10% off of the list price of anything you subscribe to. No fine print, just a straight-up discount for everything that you choose to be automatically delivered on a scheduled basis.

Next, is that it takes the hassle of doing an inventory/re-ordering task for chemicals that you know you will be needing on a scheduled basis. See what usually happens is that if someone forgets to re-order or finds out at the last minute that a certain chemical is already out, chances are is that re-ordering will be deferred until the next “batch of chemicals or next online purchase. That leaves the pool to suffer from sub-optimal chemical levels for the next few days or weeks, which in turn can lead to things like algae blooms and other pool problems.

How to determine which chemicals to subscribe to?

The best way to determine which pool chemicals to subscribe to is to keep a pool journal. If you have a journal of at least one full year, you can get a pretty good idea of which pool chemicals you will need for a certain period of time. Don’t have a journal yet, it might be time to start! In fact, keeping a pool journal can be passed off to the kids! It’s one of the 7 pool chores that any kid can do!

Journal-free chemicals you can subscribe to

If you don’t have a journal yet and you still don’t have a clear idea of which pool chemicals to subscribe to, then you can start with pool chemicals that we already know that we’ll be needing on a periodic basis. What are we talking about? Read on to find out!


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Dosing your pool with a prophylactic algaecide on a monthly basis is a no-brainer, making it perfect for a monthly subscription. You don’t test for algaecide levels, you just dose your pool to prevent algae growth on a regular basis and forget about algae problems! Recommended subscription interval: 1 month.

Clarifying Cubes

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If you’re the type that can’t live without absolutely crystal clear water then you probably have a nice stock of clarifying cubes already. Since we know that a cube lasts for approximately 4 weeks or one month we can set the subscription to have the cubes delivered on a regular basis. Recommended subscription interval: 1 month for single cubes, 3 months for three-packs.

Pro Tip: We recommend getting a 3-pack subscription every 3 months. Not only will you get the 10% discount on the subscription but you’re also getting an 8% discount for the 3-pack bundle when compared to buying single cubes! That’s whopping 18% discount right there! Not to mention that you’ll be keeping your pool water crystal clear the whole year round!

Zodiac Filter Cleaner and Spa filter cleaner

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To keep our filter cartridges in top condition, we usually give them a soak in some filter cleaning solution every 3-4 months to melt away all of the accumulated gunk and grime that can’t be washed away with a normal hose-down. Recommended subscription interval: 3-4 months.

Spa Shock

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As a rule of thumb, we usually shock our spas once every two weeks or at the very least, at least once a month. And since our Zodiac Spa shock comes in single-dose bottles, you can easily subscribe to having one or two bottles of spa shock (depending on how much you shock your spa) to be delivered straight to your door at a regular basis. What can be more convenient than that right? Recommended subscription interval: 1-2 bottles every month.


Now the recommended pool and spa chemicals are just a guide for those that we use on a fixed schedule. Once you have determined your usage for all of the other pool chemicals you use, you can add them to your subscriptions and you’ll never have to worry about running out of pool chemicals ever again!

P.S. The already low prices shown above are the still base prices! Meaning you'll get to slash an additional 10% off of those already low prices if you choose to create a pool chemical subscription plan with Mr Pool Man!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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Written By

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