Pool Inspection and Certification




  • Free pre-inspection advice, information and checklists
  • Electronic inspection technology maximizing efficiency in attaining your certificate
  • Automated issue of Government Compliance Certificates
  • Detailed report, including photos, explanations and recommendations for rectification
  • We arrange re-inspections after repairs* (Within the 6 week period from inspection)

Ensure your pool is registered on the NSW Government Register here.

After you have self-assessed your pool fence, call Mr Pool Man to arrange your inspection by a Government Accredited Certifier and to arrange your Certificate of Compliance.



  • If the pool has been inspected and has not complied, the original owner (or the new owner) has 60 days to rectify the problems and have it re-inspected to be eligable for a compliance certificate. One re-inspection is included in Mr Pool Man's inspection price of $260.00 within the 60 rectification period
  • Please note - As of the 1st May 2018, any properties within Ku-Ring-Gai Council area will have an additional fee of $50 to process an pool barrier inspection. This fee is forwarded to customers for payment, A disclouse of this fee can be found on their website.

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*The above information is subject to change.