Pool Inspection and Certification


Mr Pool Man specializes in delivering exceptional customer focused care from start to finish when it comes to pool safety inspections. Mr Pool Man operates throughout the Central Coast New South Wales. We have qualified and Government licensed inspectors to inspect pool fences and issue Pool Safety Certificates. We understand the need to make the process easy to understand and as stress free as possible. That is why we offer free advice, guidance and fact sheets to self check your pool for issues before the inspection.  


In the event that your pool or spa does not meet current regulations, and cannot easily be rectified on the day, we provide a detailed Report which set out what needs to be done to bring the pool fence to the required standard easy to understand reports out lining what needs to be rectified.


Mr Pool Man uses electronic reporting tools to ensure that your inspection is carried out efficiently and to ensure that your Compliance Certificate is issued in real time. All reports are clear, accurate, include photos, diagrams and advice. All reports are emailed to pool owners for their records. Automated tracking of certificate expiry dates, and free email reminders to all pool owners. We offer a loyalty discount to returning pool owners requiring a pool inspection renewal every 3 years for ongoing compliance.


We are fully insured - Professional Indemnity and Public liability insurance. All Mr Pool Man Pool Safety Inspectors are protected by $5,000,000 of Professional Indemnity Insurance. We also recommend authorized independent repairers for work that may be required to the barrier.


The reason behind Pool Safety legislation is to save young lives. We will help you by checking your pool fence, ensuring it is compliant and when it is, we will issue a certificate that is also held on the State Government Pool Register.



Mr Pool Man offers a complete pool fence compliance safety inspection to pool owners, Real Estate agencies and Body corporate managers. With over 20 years of experience in the Swimming Pool industry, trust the leaders to help you obtain your Government Pool Safety Certificate.

  • Free pre-inspection advice, information and checklists
  • Electronic inspection technology maximizing efficiency in attaining your certificate
  • Automated issue of Government Compliance Certificates
  • Detailed report, including photos, explanations and recommendations for rectification
  • Recommendation of authorized independent repairers for work required
  • We arrange re-inspections after repairs* (Within the 6 week period from inspection)
  • Automated tracking of certificate expiry dates, and free email reminders
  • Reduced inspection prices for ongoing renewals every 3 years
  • Simple booking system, all via email and electronic invoicing
  • Extensive knowledge of all pool aspects – Pumps, Filters, Chlorinators & Cleaners
  • Pre and post inspection advice

From 29th April 2015, there are changes to the way pool owners in New South Wales need to approach pool safety.

Pool safety just got serious, You will need to arrange a pool fence inspection if:

  • You are a Private Home Owner selling your house, or if you are renting your house to a tenant
  • You are a Real Estate Property Manager involved in renting residential properties
  • You are a Real Estate Agent involved in selling residential properties
  • You manage a Body Corporate or community title property with a pool
  • You operate or own an Accommodation Property like a resort, hotel, motel or caravan park



1. If you are selling a property with a pool, a copy of either of the following must exist:

(a) A valid Certificate of Compliance.

(b) A copy of the certificate must be given to the buyer prior to settlement.



2. If you are renting out a property with a pool, at the time that a residential tenancy agreement is entered into:

(a) The pool must be registered on the state Pool Safety Register, and

(b) A valid Certificate of Compliance must exist, and

(b) A copy of the valid Certificate of Compliance is provided to the tenant.



Ensure your pool is registered on the NSW Government Register here.

We recommend that you carry out a self-assessment well in advance of when you need your Certificate of Compliance, by completing a simple checklist it will give you an indication about whether or not your pool barrier meets the requirements in NSW. An Accredited Certifier will use a more comprehensive and technical checklist that may result in a different outcome.

After you have self-assessed your pool fence, call Mr Pool Man to arrange your inspection by a Government Accredited Certifier and to arrange your Certificate of Compliance.




Yes, penalties exist for Landlords if they do not comply.



Mr Pool Man offers a complete pool fence compliance safety inspection to pool owners, Real Estate property managers, agents, and Body Corporate managers. Mr Pool Man has over 20 Year experience in the Swimming Pool Industry, trust the leaders to help you obtain your Government Pool Safety Certificate.



NOW, and here's why:

  • Pool Safety Certificate - A compliance certificate lasts for 3 years!
  • Non compliance - If we inspect the pool fence, and it is non-compliant, Mr Pool Man will issue a "Consulting Report" outlinging problems to rectify and fix.
  • Correcting problems - Arranging inspections now will allow you a chance to budget for costs of fixing fence problems.
  • It is now overdue - If you havent already certified your pool, it is now overdue from the 26th of April, 2016. If you are buying or selling a house from now on - the pool must have a compliance or non-compliance certificate. If the pool has been inspected and has not complied, the original owner (or the new owner) has 60 days to rectify the problems and have it re-inspected to be eligable for a compliance certificate. One re-inspection is included in Mr Pool Man's inspection price of $260.00 within the 60 rectification period
  • Property Sales - Buyers will be reluctant to buy your property without knowing if it is compliant.



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*The above information is subject to change.