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Spa Electrics - Pool Supplies - Mr Pool Man

Spa Electrics are the industry leaders in LED pool and spa lighting with high quality materials coupled with the latest technology and design, the range of lights will transform any swimming pool or spa environment. 

With a range of Retro Fit lights that suit nearly all existing applications, its a breeze to upgrade the look of your pool or spa. LED Pool lights are energy efficient and are incredibly bright and are the modern alternative to older style Halogen Pool lights.

Spa Electrics also supply complete kits for new pools and spa construction, these kits are included with all components and fittings to ensure the Spa Electrics lights exceed expectations. The Installation of a LED Pool Light Remote also enhances the features of both single colour and Multi Colour pool lights enabling you to wirelessly control the lights On and Off, change and select different colour settings of the Mutli Colour and TRI LED Lights.

The Spa electrics lights come in 3 applications, The GKRX which are the surface Mount Lights that include a mounting bracket which retro fits 90% of applications, the WNRX which is a "Wet Niche" light that sits within the pool walls finishing flush with the surface of the pool giving it a streamline apperance. And the EMRX are a perfect replacement for fibreglass pools with a easy to fit backing plate ensuing a easy installation and brilliant brightness!

Mr Pool Man carries the entire range of Spa Electrics Lights and also stocks both the RM2 and IRIS remote controllers where you can turn any light On and Off or with the IRIS remote have full control of the colour within multicolour light applications.

Spa Electrics lights come with extensive warranty and are backed by Mr Pool Man's customer satisfaction guarantee. Shop Spa Electrics now exclusively on Mr Pool Man and make your pool shine.

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