Zodiac - Pool Supplies - Mr Pool Man

Zodiac - Pool Supplies - Mr Pool Man

Zodiac is a highly diversified pool care company with a range of swimming pool cleaners, salt water chlorinators, Robotic pool cleaners, pool heaters and filtration equipment as well as pool chemicals and spa chemicals.

The industry leading Zodiac Automatic Suction Pool Cleaners are The Baracuda G2, Baracuda T3, Baracuda T5, and the high performance Baracuda MX6.

In the Robotic Pool Cleaners the Zodiac OT15 is the our recommendation, closely followed by the Zodiac TX35 and then the best of the best, the Zodiac VX55 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

The Zodiac brand is a known leader amongst the range of pool equipment brands specialising in pool equipment supplies and spa maintenance. Zodiac provides the most extensive range of pool cleaners in Australia and New Zealand. The range consists of the latest robotic, suction and pressure pool cleaners.

Other Zodiac equipment is the Flopro Pool Pumps, Titan Sand Filters, TRi Salt Water Chlorinators and the range of Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaners.

Zodiac has three research and development laboratories around the world that also act as centres of excellence for leading technologies in the full range of pool equipment. Shop Zodiac now exclusively on Mr Pool Man and make your pool sparkle.

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