Pool Filter Spare Parts

Swimming pool filters are a key piece of equipment within the pool filtration system and this is why it is extremely important to replace or repair any part immediately once any damage is detected.  Read more

Common Cartridge Filter Parts that need to be replaced

  • Filter Elements - Better known as filter cartridges. These need to be replaced every 12 to 24 months depending on actual usage and wear. 
  • Pressure Gauges - Pressure gauges let you know if the filter elements need cleaning or if your pool pump is operating normally
  • Cartridge filter lids - Lids can get damaged from impacts, improper handling, or just from the elements. Replace or replace your cartridge filter lids when they get damaged or when leaks occur to ensure that your cartridge filters are filtering optimally. 
  • O-rings - O-ring breakdowns are the number one causes of leaks for any cartridge filter system, the good news is that they’re very cheap and they take only a minute or two to swap out. 

Common Sand Filter Parts that need to be replaced

  • The Multiport and its parts - The multiport channels the water to and from your sand filter depending on the task you’re doing. Ensuring that your multiport is in top condition will make sure that your pool sand filter is doing its job. 
  • Pressure Gauges - The same with cartridge filters, pool sand filters need a working pressure gauge so you can determine when it’s time to do a backwash

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Pool filter spare parts extend the life of your pool filters, but after five to ten years in use, sometimes it’s cheaper just to replace your existing filter with a brand new one than patching it up every few months. 

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