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Swimming Pool Filters are a key piece of equipment within the pool filtration system. Water is pumped through the filter capturing any debris within the tank before returning back to the swimming pool. There Read more are two main types of Pool Filters, cartridge filters and media filters commonly known as Sand Filters. Cartridge filters are a cylindrical tank with a paper element inside. Media filters are a larger round tank, usually 60 - 80cm in diameter filled with sand or glass filtration media.

Cartridge filters require far more maintenance with cleaning the internal element and are known to clog quite easily, especially with heavy debris and pool chemicals, where Media Filters have a much larger capacity and have little to no issues with clogging while using any pool chemicals. 

Cartridge filters are an easy option for new pools or DIY jobs as they do not require a backwash line to be plumbed into a sewer. Initial costs of a cartridge filter are usually $250 - $600 which is the cheaper option but these do require a new replacement element every 1 - 2 years depending on maintenance and application.

Media filters have a higher upfront cost from $500 + but are far more reliable and have an average lifespan of 10+ years. Media filters do require more technical installation usually performed by a professional, with the addition of a waste line but the costs are outweighed with the performance of the filter.

Pool clarity is directly linked to the filtration, cloudy water is usually the result of a dirty or poor performing filter. Cleaning a Cartridge filter can take anywhere from 10 - 30minutes, and would use 200 - 300 litres of water (via a hose) to clean. A Media Filter cleaning process (depending on size) is 60 seconds on BACKWASH, 30 seconds on RINSE and then back to FILTER. This process takes under 2 minutes and dispels approx 400 litres of water. 

Cartridge Filter -

Pros: Cost-effective, Easy Installation

Cons: Ongoing Costs, Easily clogged, High Maintenance

Sand Filter -

Pros: Longevity, High performance, Low Maintenance, Reliable

Cons: Upfront investment, Professional Installation, Waste Line

Tip: Use a scoop of Napisan to soak cartridge filter elements for easier cleaning and longer performance