Pool Pumps Spare Parts

Your pool pump is one of the hardest working components of your swimming pool. The heat, exposure to chemicals, exposure to the elements, and motor vibrations will cause your pool pump parts to require Read more maintenance over time. 

To familiarize yourself with how your pool pumps work, he have a comprehensive guide on pool pumps which you can check out here. 

Common Pool Pump Parts that may need Replacing: 

  • Pool Pump Lids - These serve as your access portal to the insides of your pool pump and to your pump basket. Next to the pump baskets, this is the second-most replaced part in pool pumps
  • Pump Baskets - This is your pool pump’s last line of defense against debris that may slip in and damage your pump’s impellers, so make sure to replace them at the first sign of cracking
  • O-rings - Your pool pump’s O-rings are there to ensure that water stays where they are supposed to be and keeps them out of places where they shouldn’t be. A good practice would be to lubricate your O-rings with some Aussie Gold Silicone Lubricant to keep them supple and smooth to prevent cracking
  • Unions - Unions will allow you to easily detach and reattach your pump to your pool lines when it comes time for maintenance that will need to you open up your pump
  • Impellers - Your pump’s impellers create the vacuum needed for your pump to draw in the water and push it through your pool’s filtration system
  • Bearings and Seals - Also known as “mechanical seals”, these allow your pump’s motors to safely and smoothly spin the impellers and protects your pump’s motor from water leaking along the motor shaft that connects it with the impeller. 
For more information on the specific parts of your pool pump, check out our reference on pool pump parts from our blogs section.

Whether your pump is a standard pool pump or an energy efficient ECO pool pump, it will require periodic maintenance, although ECO pump seals and parts take much longer to break down due to their smoother operation, they will still need replacing through the years. At the first sign of a pump part damage, immediately order a replacement so you can be guaranteed uninterrupted pool circulation. 

A small crack or leak in your pool pump can lead to a catastrophic failure in your pump which can costs hundreds of dollars to replace, or at the worse case, will destroy your pump completely. 

In cases where parts and reach around 70% of the cost of a new pump (and in some cases they will be that high since pump prices have dropped in the recent years while older pump parts are still priced for their original prices) we recommend getting a new pool pump instead! We have quality pumps of all sizes, from 0.75HP all the way up to 2.0HP, and even Variable Speed ECO pumps