Pool Inspection Checklist


Our goal is to assist pool owners in complying with the pool safety laws, we recommend that you go through the checklist and rectify, or have someone rectify any potential non-conforming areas.


  1. Pool / spa must be registered on local council website.


  1. Gate must be self closing and latch by itself from any position.
  2. Gate latch must be working well so that the gate is secure and, once closed, cannot be pulled open.
  3. The gate is secure and doesn’t open even if a child were to climb on it.
  4. Gate must open outwards, away from the pool.
  5. The release for the gate latch must be 1500mm above ground level, or the release for the gate latch must be located on the inside of the fence and be surrounded by a 450mm shield so that it must be accessed by reaching over the fence or through a latch access point that is 1200mm above ground level. The gate latch itself must be at least 150mm below the top of the fence or latch shield access point.



  1. Pool barrier in good overall condition.
  2. Pool fence must be at least 1200mm high all the way around.
  3. If a boundary fence forms part of the pool fence, it must be at least 1800mm high measured from the inside of the pool area.
  4. Gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground is no more than 100mm.
  5. Vertical or near vertical rails on the fence and gate must be less than 100mm apart.
  6. No potential hand holds or foot holds within 900mm of the top of the pool fence in any direction.
  7. 300mm clearance from the barrier inside the pool area.
  8. If perforated or mesh fencing is used, the holes must be 13mm or less.
  9. Pool fence must be well maintained and in a good state of repair (eg no holes, broken rails or palings).



  1. If a wall forms part of the barrier, then there should not be an opening greater than 100mm.
  2. All windows can only open to a maximum of 100mm or the windows must be totally covered by bars or a mesh screen.
  3. The height from the window sill of the lowest opening panel of a window (to the pool area) has to be 1800mm from the ground.
  4. There must be an appropriate warning sign, including details of resuscitation (CPR) techniques, in the immediate vicinity of the pool area and which can be easily read from a distance of 3 metres.
  5. Pool fence must be clear of any objects such as BBQs, trees, rocks, shrubs and deckchairs that could help a small child climb over the fence.



  1. Is the latch or knob on the door at least 1500mm from ground level?
  2. Does the door open out and away from the pool area?
  3. Does the door self close and self lock from any open position?
  4. Are there any pet doors or openings that are more than 100mm?



  1. Do the windows into the pool area open a maximum of 100mm?
  2. If they open more than 100mm are they totally covered by bars or a mesh screen so they cannot be accessed from the outside?
  3. If the windows open more than 100mm and are not covered by bars or a mesh screen is the window sill from the lowest panel height at least 1800mm from the ground?
  4. Are the heights of the window sills from the lowest opening panel to the barrier area at least 1800mm from the ground?



  • Is your spa covered by a child resistant lockable cover?
  • If it is, is there a current CPR sign that is in clear view of the spa and can be read easily from a 3 meter distance?
  • If spa is enclosed by a pool fence and gate normal legislation applies to the barrier.


Mr Pool Man is currently only available to inspect and certify pools on the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle areas of NSW, Australia.


This checklist is just an example and should be used as a guide only. An Accredited Certifier will use a more comprehensive and technical checklist that may result in a different outcome.


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*The information on this page is to be used as a guide only. Pool certification rules and regulations vary from state to state in Australia, so be sure to check which guidelines must be followed and complied to with your local council. Mr Pool Man will not accept responsibility of owners pools being deemed non-certified even if it complies with all the above guidelines.