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Care Package Pool Chemical Bundle

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Care Package Pool Chemical Bundle

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Product Description

In light of our current global events, learning how to be your own pool guy or girl has never been more handy. What's even better is that everything in this bundle is able to be safely delivered to your doorstep. 

Pool Sanitisation is important, so here at Mr Pool Man we've put together the ultimate Pool Care Package to aid in maintaining your key chemical levels.

Below, we'll run through each chemical that is included in your Care Package and why it serves an important purpose in keeping your pool clean, safe and sparkling. 



Zodiac Stabilised Pool Chlorine 1kg

What does it mean to have low chlorine levels?

Oh no! Your pool isn't optimally sanitised. Possible middle ear infections and a green or cloudy pool is on the horizon!

Basic troubleshooting and How to fix it

- If you're sporting a Chlorinator, add 1 or 2 20kg bags of salt. Your pool water salt level should sit around 5000ppm (parts per million).
- Clean your salt cell.
- Dose your pool with Stabilised Pool Chlorine using the dosage instructions on the label. 


Zodiac Ph Down Tablets 2kg

What does it mean to have high pH?

If it isn’t already, your pool will start to turn green soon. Or, you may be having blackspot algae issues. Algae loves high pH. Also, your Chlorine isn’t as effective when pH is high.

Basic troubleshooting and how to fix it

- Dose your pool with liquid Hydrochloric Acid or pH Down Tablets as per the dosage instructions. If you're using liquid Hydrochloric Acid, do not exceed adding 1L every 24 hours if your pool is Vinyl lined as it's more sensitive to harsh chemicals.
- Your pH should sit around 7.5, if you're having a blackspot algae problem, keep the pH at around 7.2 for 2-3 months and watch that slowly dissipate. 


Zodiac Phosphate Remover 1L

What does it mean to have high phosphates?

High phosphate levels are usually caused by stagnant debris in the pool, or run-off into the pool after a downfall of rain. High phosphates go hand-in-hand with high pH, which is not optimal for a balanced, clean and clear pool. 

Basic troubleshooting and how to fix it

Algae thrives on the phosphates as their food source, so as a regular maintenance chemical, we recommend the use of a Phosphate Remover once a month to eliminate the food source of algae and prevent growth. 

Calcium Hardness

Zodiac Calcium Up 2kg

What does it mean to have low calcium?

Having low calcium hardness levels means your water is very aggressive and is extracting the calcium out of the pool walls (concrete pools only) which appears to be a crystallisation of calcium build up. The common mistake is that people assume this is due from TOO MUCH calcium, which is not the case. Aggressive water can also damage metal equipment (salt cells, heating elements etc) prematurely due to corrosion.

Basic troubleshooting and how to fix it

You need to INCREASE your calcium by dosing your pool with Calcium Up. You can follow the dosing instructions on the back of the packet, though we recommend adding the whole 2kg bag to your pool for optimum results. 

We recommend the use of a Calcium Up once a month to eliminate calcification extract through your pool walls, as well as making for a more pleasurable "softer" swimming experience. 


Zodiac Alkalinity up 2kg

What does it mean to have low alkalinity?

Your water could be quite acidic and causing damage to equipment or, even causing etching on your pool surface. Optimum Alkalinity levels also work hand-in-hand with keeping your pH level balanced.

Basic troubleshooting and how to fix it

Add Alkalinity Up to your pool water. You can follow the dosing instructions on the back of the packet, though similar to Calcium Up we recommend adding the whole 2kg bag to your pool for optimum results. 

We recommend the use of Alkalinity once a month to aid in keeping your pH balanced.

Oxy Fresh

Zodiac Oxy Fresh 500g

Why do I need Oxy Fresh?

Last but not least, we want to ensure your pool water is free of organic contaminates, bacteria, viruses and algae while neutralising chlorine odours - this is where Oxy Fresh comes in.

Oxy fresh is the garbage man for your pool, and is a great "final product" to add after your chemical levels are balanced. One 500g sachet of Oxy Fresh doses a pool up to 60,000L, and can be added monthly to keep your pool water in tip-top healthy condition. 

  • Swim-in 15 minutes after application
  • Built-in water conditioner

How and when do you dose your pool?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend adding the chemicals in the evening while your filtration system is running. This will ensure they're able to do their job overnight without being broken down by the sun's UV rays. 

You are able to add all of the chemicals at the same time, though we do recommend spreading them out and adding them to different areas of your pool. 

Happy swimming :)



Dosage rates indicated are a guide only. Please refer to the label on the bottle for further instructions. Alternatively, we recommend that you obtain advice from us, Mr Pool Man, your Zodiac Pool Professionals before adding any treatment to your pool or spa.

If you have a question about the application of any of the featured products in this Care Package, please contact us on 1300 511 901 and one of our friendly pool experts will be happy to help you!

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