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Lo-Chlor AquaFresh Sanitiser 2.5L - Pool Chemical

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Lo-Chlor AquaFresh Sanitiser 2.5L - Pool Chemical

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Product Description


  • NON CHLORINE sanitiser specially formulated for swimming pools
  • TOTALLY REPLACES the need for CHLORINE or OTHER SANITISERS in swimming pools

    Features & Benefits

    • Lo-Chlor AQUAFRESH™ SANITISER is a non chlorine sanitiser that is approved for use in residential pools
    • It has been specially formulated to prevent the growth of various pathogens that can cause disease in pools.
    • Because it contains neither chlorine nor bromine, it may be used without any of the inherent side effects, such as smell, sticky feeling and sore eyes, associated with these products.
    • It is especially ideal for allergy sufferers, including those who endure asthma or skin problems. It is like being in clean fresh water.
    • It is gentle on skin, hair and clothing and the freshness can provide a sense of total wellbeing
    • Pool Owners will not be breathing in chemical fumes as may be the case when using some other sanitisers
    • Normal dosing is once every week, making a pool using the Lo-Chlor AQUAFRESH™ SYSTEM both easy and economical to maintain.

    Additional benefits

    • Lo-Chlor AQUAFRESH™ SANITISER may be used in all types of pool finishes
    • It is compatible with ozone generators and ionisers
    • It has no effect on heaters thus giving longer heater life
    • It is compatible with all recognised pool equipment, such as heaters and pumps, which are associated with manufacturers’ warranties
    • It allows a pool to be balanced according to builders’ recommendations.
    • It is non-foaming meaning that it will not block filters, not leave a mess on the pool walls, not cause the heater to corrode and not damage clothing, towels or hair etc


    • 60ML per 10,000 Litres pool water
    • Repeat every week or as necessary

          Lo-Chlor AQUAFRESH™

          • May be used in all sorts of pools
          • Is compatible with ozone generators and ionisers
          • Has no effect on heaters thus giving longer heater life
          • Is compatible with all recognised pool equipment, such as heaters and pumps.
          • Is non-foaming and this means that it
          • Will not block filters.
          • Will not leave a mess on the pool walls.
          • Will not cause the heater to corrode.
          • Will not damage clothing, towels or hair etc.



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