Zodiac Winterizer Chemical Bundle - Phosphate Remover Algaecide Oxy Fresh

Zodiac Winterizer Chemical Bundle - Phosphate Remover Algaecide Oxy Fresh

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Zodiac Winterizer Chemical Bundle - Phosphate Remover Algaecide Oxy Fresh

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Product Description

With Winter fast approaching, we want to make sure your pool is kept in tip top condition. We all know that Summer pools are maintained in the Winter, so we've constructed a Chemical Bundle to suit every pool. 

Below, we'll run through each chemical that is included in your Winterizer Bundle and why it serves an important purpose in keeping your pool clean, safe and sparkling. 



Zodiac Long Life Algaecide 1L

We personally always like to recommend keeping an Algaecide on-hand year round for monthly dosage. If your pool is clear and balanced, an algaecide will do its part in keeping any green, black or mustard algae that may slip through the cracks at bay during a chlorine or pH fluctuation.



Zodiac Phosphate Remover 1L

What does it mean to have high phosphates?

High phosphate levels are usually caused by stagnant debris in the pool, or run-off into the pool after a downfall of rain. This can happen more often than not in Winter due to the pool being left open to the elements while nobody is actively swimming or scooping the leaves our every day.

While the Zodiac Algaecide takes care of all Australian algae problems in the short term, the Starver (phosphate remover) makes sure that phosphates are eliminated - phosphates are algae's nutrient, and they simply can't grow without them.

Basic troubleshooting and how to fix it

Algae thrives on the phosphates as their food source, so as a regular maintenance chemical, we recommend the use of a Phosphate Remover once a month to eliminate the food source of algae and prevent growth. 

Oxy Fresh

Zodiac Oxy Fresh 500g

Why do I need Oxy Fresh?

Last but not least, we want to ensure your pool water is free of organic contaminates, bacteria, viruses and algae while neutralising chlorine odours - this is where Oxy Fresh comes in.

Oxy fresh is the garbage man for your pool, and is a great "final product" to add after your chemical levels are balanced. One 500g sachet of Oxy Fresh doses a pool up to 60,000L, and can be added monthly to keep your pool water in tip-top healthy condition. 

  • Swim-in 15 minutes after application
  • Built-in water conditioner


How and when do you dose your pool?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend adding the chemicals in the evening while your filtration system is running. This will ensure they're able to do their job overnight without being broken down by the sun's UV rays. 

You are able to add all of the chemicals at the same time, though we do recommend spreading them out and adding them to different areas of your pool. 

Happy swimming :)

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