Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Innovative variable speed, multi-speed, energy efficient and ECO pool pumps are incredibly efficient. These energy efficient pool pumps will pay themselves off in a year or so, and after that, it’s saving all the Read more way. 

The typical energy efficient variable speed ECO pump has three speeds: high, medium and low. With some variable speed ECO pumps, these speeds can be varied slightly to suit the application. You can adjust the pump’s working speed (and in turn energy consumption) to suit every application. You can turn it down for regular/low pool use situations or crank it up for those heavy days to ensure that your pool water is thoroughly filtered and your pool chemicals circulated. 

The majority of variable speed energy efficient pool pumps offer the following features:

  • Variable speed control, which offers the pool owner and operator total control over the speed at which the pump needs to operate, from 1,500rpm to 3,000rpm.
  • Quality components, which reduce noise and vibrations, allowing for super quiet pool pump operation, rated down to 50 dBa at the lowest speed. Your neighbours won’t even know it’s there!
  • Ultra-quiet operation so you can have it run at night without disturbing anyone’s sleep
  • Set the perfect power level for pool your pool cleaners, no more worrying about having low pressure or too high a pressure level
  • User friendly operation
  • A large leaf basket allowing for long intervals between cleaning
  • Savings of between $700 and $1,200 in operating costs each year
  • Reduce carbon emissions
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Energy efficient pool pumps have different ratings based on the type of pump, ranging from 2 stars (okay) to 5 and 8 stars. With 7-stars being the most bang-for-the-buck option when it comes to cost vs. efficiency. The more stars, the more energy efficient! 

Common Energy Efficient Pump Configurations: 

Dual Speed

These pumps have two settings, low and high, which offer an energy efficient setting at “low” and regular full-power at “high” 

Multiple Speed

These pumps usually have 3 to 4 fixed speeds with medium energy efficiency and more applications.

Variable Speed

These pumps are the most energy efficient, with fully customisable speeds allowing you to dial in the pump’s speed for maximum energy efficiency. 


Important note on Energy Efficient Pumps: 

Having the pump set on ECO/Low mode all the time isn’t always the best option. For high-load days, pool parties, or when doing heavy maintenance work, having your pool pump operating at maximum power is always recommended to get full pool water circulation.