Pool Filters Spare Parts

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Swimming pool filters are a key piece of equipment within the pool filtration system. Water is pumped through the filter, capturing any debris within the tank before returning back to the swimming pool. There Read more are two main types of pool filters: cartridge filters and media filters, which are commonly known as sand filters. Cartridge filters are cylindrical tanks with a paper element inside. Media filters are larger round tanks, usually 60 to 80cm in diameter, which are filled with sand or glass filtration media.

Cartridge filters require the element to be replaced every 12 to 24 months, depending on maintenance and chemicals used. Common spare parts for cartridge filters also include filter tank lids, complete tank housings, lid O rings, filter unions and pressure gauges.

Sand filters are commonly filled with sand media. This requires replacing every 5 to 10 years. The tank itself has a usual lifespan of over 10 years. The multiport valve on top of the filter is what commonly requires replacing as this is the main working part with high water velocity constantly passing through it. The multiport is made up of the following parts: top assembly, spider gasket, rotor or diverter, spring, unions, handle and a pressure gauge.

Common parts requiring replacing on a cartridge filter -
Filter element, pressure gauge, lid and O ring

Common parts requiring replacing on a media filter -
Multiport complete or the top assembly, spider gasket, rotor and spring

Tip: Use a scoop of Napisan to soak cartridge filter elements for easier cleaning and better longevity. Grease the spider gasket in sand filters every season to prolong life.