Pool Heaters

Astral, Madimack, Raypak, Zodiac and Waterco are just a small sample of the pool heater brands you’ll find in store or at Mr Pool Man online. We’ve got gear for every degree of heating, Read more
whether you just want to take the edge off a season or heat the pool to 33 degrees.

It’s never been easier to heat your pool, but that doesn’t mean all you need to do is turn the heater on. In a nutshell, If you use your pool every day for relaxing or exercising and are not looking to extend your swimming season into the cooler months, a heater is an ideal choice for your pool.

It is almost always better to get a larger pool heater than you think you need. The reason is that it is faster and loses less heat during the heating stage, while requiring less water pumping.

Transform your pool into a warm tropical oasis with a Madimack heater. A warm, inviting 29 degrees all year round is an easy option with a range of heat pumps to suit any application. Madimack heaters are a modern, slim and stylish way to heat your pool or spa.

Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind, quiet, long lasting Madimack swimming pool heaters are perfect for energy conscious owners. Constructed with high quality, state of the art anti-corrosion ABS casing, you can be sure your pool stays warm season after season, no matter where you may live.

Madimack is the award winning Australian heater specialist in the pool heating industry, suiting all applications with their innovative designs and leading warranty on all products.

Overall, large pool heaters tend to require less energy than small ones and are more convenient. For those looking for something a little smaller, our range of compact season extenders are just as easy to fit into your pocket.

Don't let cool water temperatures limit your swimming enjoyment. Pool heaters allow you to enjoy your pool comfortably throughout your swim season.

Each pool heater within our extensive range is energy efficient and will heat your pool quickly and evenly. No matter what your budget, you can rest assured that you will save on your energy bills with these cost-effective pool heaters without ever having to compromise on performance.