Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment is commonly used by pool professionals and pool owners to perform the basic DIY pool maintenance required to keep it sparkling all year around! The basic cleaning equipment ANY pool should have Read more is a Pool Hose, Flexible Vacuum Head, Telepole, Leaf Scoop / Shovel or Skimmer and a pool Brush or Broom.

The telepole is required with each of these tools to ensure that you have plenty of reach to every corner of the pool.

The Vacuum head and Hose is used in swimming pools to vacuum and remove debris out of the pool, or the leaf scoop to collect heavy groups of debris in the pool or to skim the leaves from the surface. The brush or Broom is used to brush down pools walls and avoid algae build up.

Mr Pool Man stocks the range of cleaning equipment to help make this basic maintenance a breeze, All the cleaning equipment Mr Pool Man recommends such as Vacuum heads, Leaf rakes, Leaf shovels, Brushes and hoses all are manufacturer from professional grade materials at affordable prices.