About us

Aussie pool owners are total legends in our eyes… and our mission here at Mr Pool Man is to help you live the dream and enjoy your pool to the max (without the common pool-ownership hassles)!

So, grab a beer, put your feet up and discover why Mr Pool Man is one of Australia's largest influential pool retailers, an industry leader in both the online and servicing aspects of backyard pools… and why you can truly trust us! 

In other words, find out what makes us SO different from the rest…   

About Us Mr Pool Man



Top secret(s)

Our no.1 secret that you need to know right up top is: 

This family-run business would not sell you a single thing we wouldn’t put in our own pool!

And our no.2 secret… Mr Pool Man is dedicated to changing the way pools are done in Australia. 

For a long time pool ownership has been confusing and poolsters have been caught out by salesmen taking advantage. And we’re on a mission to transform it all!

Talk to us, ring or email us, and you’ll discover we’re 100% committed to: 

  • Giving you BS-free advice and amazing customer support
  • Saving you money (yes, you read that right!) 
  • Providing only the products you need (and that we’re happy to splash around in ourselves)

Basically, Mr Pool Man is here to deliver everything you need for your pool, when you want it and how you want it, plus something a little extra-special… 


So, who are we? 

We’re Dad (Hardy), son (Tom), daughter (Nat) and our wonderful, friendly team of pool pros. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and we’re here to answer all your questions and help in any way we can.  

We eat, sleep and dream pools, and live by the two guiding principles: 

  1. Only sell products we’d put in our own pools  
  2. Ripper customer service at all times 

From humble beginnings – Dad and his ol’ van 

Dad started the business over 20 years ago from the back of his old van. He used to drive around to his customers and provide a complete service, so they could enjoy their pools with confidence… Very little has changed, except we’ve expanded (a lot) and the old van has gone.  

Mr Pool Man About Us


Back in 2009, we spotted a gap in the market. We noticed that local pool shops were seriously lacking in product ranges, knowledge… and that their prices were too high. 


Mr Pool Man About Us


We began to daydream, imagining a time when we would become Australia's largest online retailer for pool equipment. And that’s when it started getting really exciting!

Mr Pool Man About Us

First, we moved from a backyard garage in Central Coasts Gosford to a small retail shop overflowing with stock. And then into a large warehouse in the heart of the Central Coast.


Mr Pool Man About Us


Now, we’re super-proud to run an impressive online store (of course, we are a little biased 😉) offering awesome customer service. We also have a wealth of free maintenance resources that you can access anytime you need (check out our expert blog). 

Mr Pool Man is currently home to over 1600 products and every type of pool equipment you may want or need. Not bad, eh? 


Mr Pool Man About Us


Making life easier for Aussie pool owners

We’re pretty relentless in our search for progressive pool products,
extremely particular about the finer details of our operations and shipping processes… and determined to leave nothing to chance in the pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction.

We love stirring up the waters in the pool industry and WaterTechniX is one way we’re smashing it… 

WaterTechniX is a new range of pool equipment designed with quality, long-lasting performance and affordability in mind. We’re the exclusive certified dealer for WaterTechniX across the whole of Australia and you can find the full range in our online store.

We’re also able to offer significant savings to our customers through the serious buying power we’ve created. We achieved this by valuing and nurturing strong relationships with our suppliers. And excitingly for you, this means more time splashing in your pool and less time spent earning money to pour into it. 

Mr Pool Man About Us

Nervous to shop online?

No worries, we get it! We know that along with the beaut benefits of shopping online (like not having to leave your lounger by the pool), there can sometimes be irritating nagging concerns… 

  • Can I trust the store? 
  • What if the product I order isn’t right for me when it arrives? 
  • How long will it take to get my items? 

Well, you can ditch those worries because ordering from Mr Pool Man is risk-free. We offer 60-day, easy returns for all standard domestic orders so you can try the products out and if they’re not exactly what you need, no hassle! 

We provide a lifetime of after-sales support and free (fast) shipping Australia Wide. All orders placed before 1pm are dispatched the same day and we also offer Express Shipping!

Financing options are available through Zippay and Afterpay. You can quickly see the weekly payment options so you can spread the costs on the product pages on our website. 

Ultimately, we’re 100% convinced that our customers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by shopping with us. We’re all about the things that matter to you, like: 

  • Clean pools
  • More time to enjoy those pools
  • And the precious peace of mind that we all crave

 But you don’t have to just take our word for it… Check out the 100s of fantastic reviews we have from happy customers raving about our services and products.

Mr Pool Man About Us


Last, but not least 

There’s one more team member that we defo couldn’t leave out of this introduction… Koda, our shop dog, Head Chief of Crumb Patrol and a VIP member of the Sleep-aholics. Koda loves nothing more than being the centre of attention, dragging his toys all over the office and being a good boy (most of the time)!

How can we help?

We’re all here, waiting to help you. Let us know what you need and any questions you have by contacting us here and we’ll get straight back to you, we always do.


Mr Pool Man About Us


Cheers, and have a great day!
The Mr Pool Man team.