About Us

From brash beginnings to the confident, innovative company of today, Mr Pool Man is one of Australia's largest influential pool retailers and an industry leader in the online and servicing aspects for all pool enthusiasts.

Rewind 8 years to a backyard garage operation in Central Coasts Gosford, and who would've guessed that Hardy, Tomas and Natalie Hintze's daydream was set to become Australia's largest online retailer in anything and everything to do with pool and spa equipment. It's a bit of a mouthful, but you get the picture - We're the go-to for anything Australia needs for their pool.

It was back in 2009 that the small family business saw a gap in the market, with local pool shops lacking in range, knowledge and low prices. Now, with over 20 years industry experience, a passion for customer service and one of the strongest product knowledge backgrounds in the industry, Tomas, Hardy and Natalie have brought to life a unique Australian online pool experience. From the very first order, the trio has been the driving force behind Mr Pool Man, providing shoppers from around the country with a high quality and unique experience.

Since the family's humble beginnings, Mr Pool Man has become home to over 1400+ products and every type of pool equipment one may want or need – This made the move from their small retail shop overflowing with stock to a large warehouse in the heart of the Central Coast a no-brainer.

Mr Pool Man is relentless in their search of progressive pool products and are extremely particular about the finer details of their operations, the application of shipping processes, and leaving nothing to chance in the pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction.

They ensure quality is at the forefront of everything they do, from new products to customer service. They refuse to sell anything less than top quality products and work extremely closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that all products arrive on your doorstep performing exactly as expected.

It’s not just about the products they sell, it’s about the company you choose to do business with. Mr Pool Man goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that you get the service that you deserve and are left feeling 100% satisfied with buying your lifestyle from them.

Last but not least, meet our shop dog, Koda. He is the head chief of Crumb Patrol and a VIP member of the sleep-aholics. He loves nothing more than being the centre of attention, dragging his toys all over the office and being a good boy.