Salt Water Chlorinators

Make life easy for yourself with an efficient and reliable pool chlorinator. Keeping your pool correctly sanitised is crucial for keeping the pool crystal clear and safe to swim in. Salt water passes through Read more an electrically charged cell which is plumbed on the return line before the water enters back to the pool after its filtration cycle. Here, salt water oxidises, sanitising the water and maintaining the chlorine level within the pool.

Mr Pool Man stocks all the major brands, from Zodiac pool chlorinators to Astral, Hurlcon and Water TechniX salt water chlorinators. Buy with confidence knowing that we only sell quality pool chlorinators backed by our satisfaction guarantee. We are authorised dealers and warranty agents for all leading pool brands. Enjoy peace of mind when dealing with us, knowing that the level of quality in the products is second to none, with all products backed by factory warranties. All of our pool chlorinators are either in stock or available to be ordered and shipped to your door within a few days for free using a secure carrier with tracking.

Do we also stock replacement electrodes for our pool chlorinators? Absolutely! With the backing of all major suppliers and manufacturers, every spare part your chlorinator may need, including replacement electrodes, cables, labels, housings and more, are in stock ready to be shipped to your door for free.

Here at Mr Pool Man, we believe in reliable, honest service and that owning a pool doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Simple! Mr Pool Man also stocks and supplies generic replacement electrodes, which are equally as efficient and long-lasting as your high end brands, but just a fraction of the cost. We also stock a wide selection of genuine branded pool chlorinators and spare parts. Feel safe relying on our salt water pool chlorinators to rid your pool of nasties, keeping your water crystal clear and safe for all to enjoy. We are relentless in our search of progressive pool chlorinators and pool chlorinator spare parts, and are extremely particular about the finer details of our operations, leaving nothing to chance in the pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction. We work extremely closely with our suppliers to ensure that all pool chlorinators and spare parts arrive on your doorstep performing exactly as expected. Buy with confidence knowing that we are continually monitoring and beating prices from our competitors all over the globe, allowing us to provide you with competitive prices that are going to be the best in the business.

Need help choosing the right pool chlorinator for your swimming pool?

Drop us a line! We don’t stop at servicing your pool or selling you a pool chlorinator, we are also on hand to advise and support you to ensure you have a healthy pool that you can enjoy. Our after sales support team are always happy to have a chat about your pool, your requirements and finding a suitable solution to your problems to keep your swimming pool in top shape. We know that choosing the right pool chlorinator alongside a good pool pump and pool cleaner will help keep operating and maintenance costs low and your pool clean and safe for the entire family. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 511 901 or leave us a message.