Water TechniX Pool Shock Solutions

Written By Timothy Te

28th January 2022

Have you ever wished that there were different type of shock products for different situations? How you can just pop a bottle open, drop the shock in and no longer have to worry about measuring out liquid or pure chlorine and inhaling all those harmful fumes? Well, we actually thought about that as well! This is why Mr Pool Man and Water Technix has formulated Pool shock solutions for every situation!

Water TechniX Ezi Shock

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Are you familiar with cyanuric acid and how super elevated levels can lead to a condition as chlorine lock? This is why many stabilised chlorine products aren’t suitable for shocking as they can elevate your cyanuric acid levels to a point where it renders your chlorine ineffective! Well, that is until now! The Water TechniX Ezi Shock is a special formulation of chlorine and stabiliser that shocks your pool without going over the recommended cyanuric acid level!

Higher chlorine efficiency and the stabilising power of cyanuric acid! This means that your chlorine will last longer and once the shock level goes down, the remaining chlorine in your stays protected by the stabiliser, leaving you with a cleaner pool for much longer. The Ezi shock is the perfect product for those who need to shock the pool on a regular basis (think peak swimming season or pools that see a lot of usage).

Water TechniX Oxi Shock

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Does your pool smell like chlorine? Well, it’s not supposed to smell like chlorine! A properly chlorinated pool should smell fresh and shouldn’t have any chemical smell to it! What you’re probably probably smelling are chloramines. A simple test test with the Water TechniX 7 in 1 test strip or the Water TechniX 5 in 1 reagent testing kit will show you that your combined chlorine levels will be equal to or near your total chlorine levels. This means that your pool chlorine is no longer effective in sanitising your pool!

The usual way to take care of this problem is to shock the pool with 10 to 20 times the recommended chlorine levels in order to oxidise the combined chlorine in your pool so that the new chlorine can do its job. As a solution to measuring out and dealing with massive amounts of chlorine, we have developed the Water TechniX Oxi shock! The Oxi shock uses the power of active oxygen to actively oxidise the combined chlorine in your pool in no time at all! In fact, the pool can be used in as little as 15 minutes after application as 24-48 hours when compared to super chlorinating the pool!

As an added bonus, the Water TechniX Oxi shock has a built-in water conditioner that eliminates odours, makes the pool feel a lot smoother, and leaves absolutely no residue, making it safe for all pool and pool filter types!

Water TechniX Tri-Shock

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This is our strongest shock product available! Made with 90% Tri-Chlor shock, the Water TechniX Tri-Shock can take care of any algae problem (even the most stubborn blackspot algae!) in no time at all! Not only does it take care of any algae problem, but it also has a built-in algaecide and stabilizer for longer lasting protection! Talk about all in one treatment right? Just be sure to read all of the directions on the packaging to be completely safe. The Tri-Shock is also featured in one of our bundles which you can read more about here.

Water TechniX Spa Shock Bromine Tablets

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And finally, we have the Water TechniX Spa Shock Bromine Tablets! Specifically designed for use with spas and hot tubs, the Water TechniX Spa Shock Bromine Tablets are super concentrated and deals with the high levels of bacteria, viruses, and algaes in your mini-paradise! It’s formulated as 65% bromine and 25% chlorine presented as Bromo Chloro Dimethylhydantoin (I dare you to say that 10 times!) which makes it highly effective in confined water setups without the annoying chemical smell.

The Water TechniX Spa Shock Bromine tablets are also 100% soluble to ensure that after treatment, your spa water will be crystal clear, as it should be! I mean, what’s the point of having clean spa water that’s cloudy right?


So there you have it folks, shock solutions for all situations! No longer will you need to be exposed to harsh fumes and be stuck with measuring out chlorine for your pool or spa. Simply get the right shock for the situation and apply it to your pool (or spa!). It can’t get any simplerr than that!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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Written By

Timothy Te

Pool Guru at Mr Pool Man

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