Five-Minute Pool Hacks that will MAKE Your Summer

Written By Timothy Te

03rd November 2021

Maintaining a pool in peak season is a task that scares even the most seasoned of pool pros. Thankfully, we’ve scoured our notes, support tickets, and pooled all of the collective knowledge of our pool pros to bring you a comprehensive list of pool hacks that will definitely make pool ownership easier in five minutes or less!

Improving Salt Water Chlorinator output

Getting a salt water chlorinator water should have been one of the end-all solutions to keeping your pool clean and sanitised. But there will be some occasions where for some reason, it isn’t really performing up to spec and you’re left wanting for more. Although most modern salt water chlorinators will show an error status that tells you when to replace your cell, they won’t show minor problems that can be fixed in a jiffy.

  • Visually check the cell if you feel that the output seems “off”. The “clean cell” light usually doesn’t come on until the cell is fully encrusted with calcium scale. Sometimes a quick clean will bring your chlorinator cell back to its former glory.
  • Ensure that your flow rates are adequate. Another reason why your chlorinator output may be low is that you have low water flow and this could be caused by clogged skimmer baskets (takes seconds to empty out and clean) or by overly dirty filters. Backwashing takes about 5 minutes to clean and filter cartridges can be hosed down in under a minute if you’re using a Water TechniX Waterwand!

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  • Check your salt levels. Although most salt water chlorinators have built in salt sensors, many factors can affect these readings. The best way to make sure that you have the correct salt levels in your pool is to take a salt test strip and check it manually. Takes a minute to check, saves you hours of headaches!

Don't have a salt water chlorinator? We invite you to check out the Water TechniX WTA15 Salt and Magnesium Chlorinator! It's currently our best bang-for-your-buck chlorinator model and is the perfect capacity for most Australian home pools!

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Click the button below to browse Mr Pool Man's collection of the best salt and mineral chlorinators in Australia!

Monitoring Pool Chemical Levels in Under 5 Mins

Testing Water can sometimes be chore with complicated test kits, that all ends now with the testing kits from Water TechniX! Simple to use and with results available in under five minutes, monitoring you chemical levels has never been easier!

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Keeping water levels in check

As a rule of thumb you should always keep your pool water level between one-third all the way to half the level of the entry of your skimmer box. This allows debris to be caught in the skimmers easily and keeps your pump from running dry when water levels drop. Now the old way would be to visually check the water levels and refill it every time it drops down. Sounds tiring right? This is especially true during Australian summers where you can lose anywhere from 3mm to 7mm every day from evaporation alone! Add to that water lost from splashing during pool use then we’re talking about significant water drops!

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Installing an Aqua Level Automatic Water Levelling Device can take this task that involves monitoring, turning on the water, waiting for it to fill and turning the water off again, into something that takes less than five minutes to install. Five minutes and that’s it. An Aqua Level will automatically turn the water on once it drops beneath a certain level and shuts it off when it goes above a certain level! No more worrying about water levels during summer!

Finding Air Leaks

Air leaks are extremely annoying and difficult to locate, simply because, well, it's air. A quick five-minute hack to easily find leaks is to fill a spray bottle with water, a few drops of diswashing liquid and you're set! Spray the solution all around your suspected air leak (or on all of your pipes just to be sure) and if you see bubbles actively forming then you've found your air leak! Diswashing liquid forms a thin film on surfaces and even the smallest leak will make bubbles! Soap CAN work, but you'd need a lot of it.

Keep the debris out of your pool

Although technically this takes more than five minutes to do BUT if you don’t do it, it will entail hours of cleaning and hundreds of dollars in expenses! Keeping the debris out of your pool isn’t just about making it look clean, it's about preserving the water balance in your pool! Debris like leaves, bugs, other stuff that fall into your pool not only clogs your filters but they eventually break down. When these break down, they release phosphates into your pool which is basically algae food. This not only feeds algae, but this also increases the chlorine demand in your pool, which in turn leads to a cascade of other things like drops in pH levels, alkalinity going out of what, and other things.

Getting leaves and other debris out of the pool can be a cumbersome task if you don’t have the right equipment. But that can easily be resolved by getting the same kind of equipment that pool professionals use! You know, the agile and sturdy pool cleaning tools that can take a beating wand still feel like new after a few months? One of the reasons why people hate manually cleaning the pool is because many pool cleaning equipment that are sold for home use are, let’s face it, for the lack of a better term, “clunky”

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That ends today with the Water TechniX PRO line of pool cleaning equipment. Designed for professional use without the professional price tag, the Water TechniX PRO cleaning equipment is agile, sturdy, and can help you get your pool cleaning tasks done in no time at all. In fact, if you regularly keep to your pool cleaning tasks, it should take less than five minutes per session!

Getting oils and scum out

Do you have a scum and oil problem in your pool? They're practically impossible to manually remove without the use of some specialized enzymes. Although, if you have some old tennis balls that are no longer servicable, simply chuck them into the pool. The felt surface of the tennis balls are the perfect material to soak in oils and scum without the use of any added chemicals! Don't have any tennis balls? A Life Spa Disc can do the job and it's not a dog-magnet!

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Keeping your filters clean

You can use a pantyhose and turn your skimmer baskets into a super filter and trap debris before they reach your pumps and filters! But if you don't want to get into trouble with the wife when she comes a-looking for her stocking then a piece of practical advice would be to use some skimmer socks. This catches tiny debris from entering your pump and filter and preventing any clog ups from happening!

Takes a few seconds to install and saves you a lot of time and money! No need to keep backwashing your sand filters if they stay cleaner for longer right? Sounds like a lot of effort just to save on backwashing? Well, if you think about the amount of water you’ll save! A backwash can use up anywhere from 200 to 500 liters of water per session and if using a skimmer sock can cut down your backwashing from 3 times a month down to once a month then that’s about a thousand litres of water saved! Not only are you saving money, but you’re saving the environment as well!

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Rescuing a Gunked-up Filter Element

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are with our cartridge filter elements, heavy usage can cause them to gunk up and no amount of hosing down can clean them. Well, we have a fix for that as well. Give them a good soaking in some Water TechniX Filter Cleaning solution, leave them overnight, and the next day give them a quick hose down and watch as the gunk melt away like magic! Yes, it does take more than 24 hours to soak it, but your total active time will be less than 5 minutes so this still counts!  

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Filter Elements beyond rescue? If you're looking for replacement cartridge elements or if you're looking for a spare "just in case" then browse our selection of Water TechniX Cartridge Filter Elements by clicking the button below! The Water TechniX filter elements cost a fraction of their branded counterparts but they last just as long (or even longer!) since they're made with 100% REEMAY filter elements!

A fun five minute hack

It’s summer and here’s a hack that’s approved by a lot of people here at the office! Take a light cooler or container then zip tie a couple of pool noodles around the exterior. Fill up the cooler with ice and your favorite drink and you have your own floating mini-bar! Perfect for those hot summer days where you just want to laze around the pool and enjoy a drink while swimming! Of course, if you don’t want to bother with building your own floating cooler, then a floating life bar might just be the answer you’re looking for. Perfectly balanced to avoid spills and large enough to contain a few drinks and snacks, the life bar is something that every pool and spa owner should have during the summer months!

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Shocking in No Time At all

If you're familiar with shocking your pool then you'd know that it takes a full day before anyone can use the pool again to ensure that the chlorine levels have gone down to safe levels. Well, not anymore! With the new Water TechniX Oxi Shock, you can swim in the pool in as little as 15 minutes after application. The Oxi shock oxidises combined chlorine levels in your pool to get rid of that "chlorine smell" while raising the effectivity of the existing free chlorine in the pool. It also has a built-in pool conditioner to make your swimming experience much more enjoyable!

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Quickly Get Prevent and get Rid of Pool Algae

Kick off the summer season with the Water TechniX Green Pool Bundle and you won't have to worry about algae! No more measuing or complicated measurements, simply follow the instructions on the label and the Water TechniX Tri-Shock will do the rest! It also comes with a crystal clarifying cube to catch all those pesky organic bits that have been killed off by the tri-shock, leaving you with crystal clear water!

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Real life hacks are the ones that have an actual impact on your life, and not just ones that look good on those youtube and facebook videos! We hope that these five-minute hacks have been helpful! For more information and other helpful pool articles, we encourage you to check out Mr Pool Man’s Blog Section here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head on down to our contact page and drop our friendly pool pros a line and they’ll be more than happy to answer any question that you may have on pool maintenance!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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