How To Test Pool Water

Written By Natalie Hintze

14th February 2019

Before you can fix, maintain or enjoy your pool, you have to test it! Be your own pool guy with our super simple DIY pool water test guide.

To test your pool water use the Aquachek 7 in 1 test strips. These handy test strips test your pool water quickly and accurately, letting you know in seconds if you chemical levels are too low, too high or just right. At $49.99 it contains 100 strips which will keep you going for 2-3 years: 


7 in 1 Test Strips
100 Strips


For home testing, test strips are our personal favourite. They're easy to use and very accurate – much more accurate than using a liquid test kit because of human error when it comes to matching up the colours and using chemical droplets. Plus there's no fussing around with bottles, vile's and samples. 

How do I do it?

Take your water sample and quickly dip one, dry strip into the water. Hold it still in the air for about 10 seconds (do not shake off the excess water). Then match up the colours of the strip to the back of the bottle to get your readings.

Tip: If you're skipping the water sample and going straight for the pool, tip your test strip at elbow length at the deep end of the pool. For best results, test your pool water weekly at the same time.

Now that you've successfully tested your water, use your Test Strip to run through your results and fix your pool water!

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Natalie Hintze

Head of eCommerce & Marketing at Mr Pool Man,
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