Exercises to do in the pool

The pool is often an option that gets overlooked when it comes to exercise – especially if you don’t fancy yourself a swimmer – but it’s a great workout location that offers much more than just a place to swim laps.

There are many traditionally land-based exercises that transfer fantastically to the pool for an effective workout that uses the resistance of the water to boost the burn without the high impact.

Here we'll share five land-based exercises that work perfectly in the pool, as well as some handy pool fitness products that can help you along.

1. Jumping

So simple, yet so effective. You can do this just standing in water above hip height and jumping your knees up to your chest. Alternatively, I love the all time classic bomb dive if the pool is deep enough. Seriously, they are the bomb! Run and jump, then swim to the side, get out and repeat. Not only are they ridiculously good fun, the whole process burns up a gazillion calories.

2. Squats

In a wide stance squat, go under water then jump up out of the water as high as you can. If you’re swimming with your kids you can even hold on to them while doing this exercise and you’ll not only be seen as the coolest adult in town, you'll be using mega fuel to do so.

3. Press-ups

With your hands on the edge of the pool and bent elbows, press up to full straight arms then back down. Great for chest, shoulders and triceps.

4. Running

Water running is excellent for rehab, injuries and straight calorie burning. Either run on the spot or, if space permits, try to cover some distance – you’ll feel the extra workout this provides.

5. Swimming laps

Not exactly a land exercise, though our handy resistance trainer allows you to swim km's of laps on the spot! Similar to running on a treadmill. How does it work? One end of the resistance trainer attaches to your pool gate or fence, while the other end fits around your waist. The waist band is able to be adjusted easily due to its velcro attachment. From there, the elastic resistance will give you the same feeling of swimming laps, without having to turn around at each end. Perfect for your backyard pool, big or small!

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6. Boxing

Think of all your boxing moves then get your shoulders underwater and knock it out! Punch away at an imaginary target – jabs, uppercuts and even throw in some kicks. It will look amusing to anyone watching from outside the pool, but who cares? You’re getting a better workout than most people do in an average day. Check out our complete pool fitness weights set to add that little extra 'oomph' to your workout.

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Here is some more information that you may find helpful:

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Happy Swimming!

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