NEW Pentair Rebel 2 Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner!

Pool maintenance has just become even easier with the UPGRADED Pentair Rebel 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner!

The Pentair Rebel 2 is the Dyson of pool cleaners, with industry-leading performance packed with new features. It can easily clean leaves and debris other cleaners would miss, ensuring that your pool is maintenance free for years to come!

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Mr Pool Man Pentair Rebel 2

New features of the Pentair Rebel 2

  1. Improved steady-grip tire traction with new, added tread for outstanding wall climbing performance.
  2. Ball bearings rather than wheel brushes were added to increase durability and life of the cleaner. 
  3. Longer cam run for larger pools for less turning intervals
  4. Increased ground clearance and dual-action roller skirt manoeuvres up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  5. Longer and more flexible leader hose reduces breaching of the waterline and assists in cleaner manoeuvrability

Advanced hydraulic Design

Performance technology built into the cleaner allows optimal cleaning and power even on variable speed and low-speed pumps, perfect for any equipment application or pool surface.

Advanced hydraulic design

Powerful cleaning

Rebel's industry-leading Sure-Flow turbine can handle all size debris for clog-free cleaning. With a Quick Release Latch, cleaning is easy and simple, perfect for any pool enthusiast.

Pentair Rebel 2 Flow Valve

Dual-action roller skirt 

The improved dual-action roller skirt and chassis allow for easy manoeuvrability over any obstacles for efficient cleaning. Steep walls, tight corners, and shallow areas the Rebel 2 has complete pool coverage.

Pentair Rebel 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Complete coverage

Sporting new fancy shoes (Tyres) along with SmartTrac programmed steering and anti-slip tyres the Rebel 2 effortlessly covers all aspects of the pool without "hanging in the deep end"

Join the two-wheel revolution in the fight against hard-to-clean debris!

Our Opinion

The Rebel® 2 cleaner packs amazing performance into a compact, easy-to-use package. Complete with a 3-year warranty, this is our top pick of Automatic Suction Pool Cleaners, we here at Mr Pool Man personally use these in our pools and couldn't recommend a better cleaner for all pool types!

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