Pool Cartridge Filters

One of the main draws of a pool cartridge filter is its ease of installation. Not requiring a backwash line to be plumbed into the sewer, installing a pool cartridge filter is pretty straightforward, Read more just one line in from the pump, and another line out back into the pool. 

Finer Filtration

Pool cartridge filters catch particles down to 5-10 microns (sand filters catch particles around the 20 micron area) which means clearer water. But this finer filtration also has its drawbacks. By catching more particles, filter cartridges also need more maintenance. They need regular hosing down to keep the filter elements in top condition. They also need to be soaked in a specially formulated Pool Filter Cleaning solution to remove any dirt and accumulated gunk that cannot be removed by a simple hose down. 

While this may seem inconvenient, this trade-off is still well-accepted by many pool owners in Australia. 

Replacing Filter Cartridges

Another thing that makes cartridge filters attractive is the ease of how to replace the filter elements. Simply get a new filter cartridge and swap it out with the existing cartridge and your filtering power is as good as new. Depending on usage and the size of your pool, filter cartridges need to be replaced every 12-24 months. 

A drawback with filter cartridges is that genuine filter cartridges can cost half as much as the unit itself! Mr Pool Man has addressed this issue by creating its own line of pool filter cartridge replacements that work as well (or even better in some cases) as the genuine filter cartridges at a fraction of the cost! 

Tip: To make filter cartridge maintenance easier, we recommend getting a Water TechniX Waterwand attachment. This attachment is designed to reduce water usage when cleaning filter cartridges by 80% and time spent by more than half! 

Pro Tip: When shopping for cartridge filters, it’s best to size up! (get a bigger size) This will extend the life of your filter cartridges as well as reduce the frequency of filter cleanings. 

Need help picking the right size? Check out this helpful guide on how to size your cartridge filter