Genuine Salt Cell vs. Generic Salt Cell

What is the difference between Generic vs Genuine salt cells? With generic salt cells being half the price of genuine cells, you would think that you're choosing a "cheaper" option by going generic, but the reality is, you're getting better value for money.

Features of the generic salt cells:

  • 2 Years Full Warranty

  • Easy replacement of old cell with no adjustments

  • Heavy duty chemical resistant construction

  • Solid plates. Rather than perforated plates on most genuine cells, solid plates have a longer life time.

  • Usually 20% - 50% cheaper than genuine salt cells.  

Salt Cells typically last between 3 to 5 years. Most generic aftermarket cells are the same if not better quality than that of the genuines, and also have warranty to match!

Here are a few signs that may indicate cell replacement:

  • No flow indicator showing

  • Low Salt indicator showing

  • Scale and mineral salt deposits building up

  • Chlorine level drop resulting in unbalanced water

In the event that the cell does need cleaning we've put together a step-by-step process to follow when cleaning and maintaining your salt water pool cell here.  

There are many comparable benefits of replacement generic Salt Cells. The cells meet manufacturer specifications, provide premium reliability, and offer protective warranties.

If your chlorinator is not outputting chlorine or check salt light is on, check the electrode for cracks, chips, or wear. Electrodes are parts that do experience heavy wear from normal operation of the chlorinator. Replace them when required to maintain its efficiency sanitizing your pool keeping your cleaning routine easy and worry-free.

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If you’ve invested too much money into your current salt system, and are finding it unreliable, perhaps switching brands would be appropriate. Or, if your system is over 10 years old, you may enjoy the features and benefits available on our newest salt water systems for pools.

At the end of the day, we wouldn't put anything in your pool that we wouldn't put in our own. Generic salt cells are a great alternative to genuine salt cells, manufactured at the same if not higher quality without the hefty price tag.


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