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Are Cheap Pool Pumps worth it?
We know we’ve been huge proponents of variable speed pumps and ECO-friendly pool pumps, but today we’re going to ta...
Read more 31 Mar | by Timothy Te
Cheapest and Most Affordable Way to Filter Your Pool Water
It’s normal to want to save money when it comes to pool maintenance and today we’re looking at one of the things t...
Read more 17 Mar | by Timothy Te
Reasons to get a variable speed pump aside from energy savings
Yes, we know we’ve been harping about how variable speed pumps like the Water TechniX Dual Variable Speed Pump can ...
Read more 08 Mar | by Timothy Te
Running the Pump vs Running the Filter, is there a difference?
These two pool maintenance terms are actually so interrelated that it’s easy to mistake one (or interchange for tha...
Read more 19 Feb | by Timothy Te

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