Pool & Spa LED Lights

Gone are the days of the old halogen pool lights. Today, pool owners can easily fit an LED pool light to their existing bracket in under a hour and at an affordable price. Pool Read more lights come in a range of colours, with a single blue or multicolour pool light being among the most common. Pool lights can transform the atmosphere of a pool and its surroundings. While both the single colour and multicolour options are a bright crisp light, the multi colour can be toggled between colours for different effects and settings.

All new LED pool lights come with instructions, scale 1:1 DIY fitting guides and retrofitting wall brackets. Simply cut your old light as close to the old light body as possible to leave as much cable as possible, mounting the new bracket over the existing screws. Strip the cable and install the new fittings to connect to the LED light, wrapping the excess cable around the rear of the light and screwing the light into the wall bracket.

LED pool lights will work with any existing pool light transformer, including 12, 24 and 32 volt currents, with no issues. Pool light remotes are available to control your light in a basic ON / OFF application. If the light has a multicolour feature, you can also opt for a colour changing remote.