Madimack - Pool Heating - Mr Pool Man

Madimack - Pool Heating - Mr Pool Man

Transform your pool into a warm tropical oasis with a Madimack Heater, an inviting 29 degrees all year round is and easy option with a range of heat pumps to suit any application. The Madimack Heaters are a modern, slim and stylish way to heat your pool or spa life!

Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind the quiet, long lasting and easy to use Madimack Swimming Pool Heaters are perfect for energy conscious owners. Constructed with high quality, state of the art anti-corrosion ABS casing means you can be sure your pool stays warm season after season no matter where you live.

Madimack is an award winning Australian Heater specialist in the Pool heating industry suiting all applications with their innovative design and leading warranty on all products. 

Madimack uses the best and most efficient heating technology and offers extremely high efficiencies and is a source of renewable energy. It works by absorbing the solar heat from the surrounding air with an electrical pump to transfer it into the pool water.

This technology makes it the ideal and most economic solution for maintaining pool temperatures, and a great option for solar PV compatibility.

Mr Pool Man lis a proud distributer of the Madimack range of Heat Pumps and we look forward to creating the garden oasis you dream of, with tropical warm waters and energy efficient pool heating.